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Throughout 2009, we're providing our Introduction to CMMI students with an unparalleled mixture of gifts and giveaways.

CMMI Survival Guide: Just Enough Process Improvement. The CMMI is a model; the Survival Guide tells you how to use that model.

This book is not a part of the standard SEI course materials, but we'll give away an autographed copy to one lucky student in each three-day Introduction to CMMI class.

CMMI Survival Guide (w/ CMMI)
Leading Edge Logoware Hip new logoware. Blatant self-promotion... we admit it! We would just love our logo to be seen around your office, so we'll make sure our Introduction to CMMI students are outfitted with the basics... and sometimes more.
Other giveaways. We'll also liven things up with a few strategically placed giveaways every day of class. You may walk away with a book, CD, or framed desktopper. (We've pictured a few representative prizes here, but we may vary our giveaway mix from class to class.) CMMI SCAMPI Distilled Memory Jogger II CMMI SCAMPI Distilled, Memory Jogger II, and the Essential Bruce Springsteen Memory Jogger II The Essential Bruce Springsteen
Due to Government regulations, we may be unable to extend some giveaway offers to employees of the Federal Government. Furthermore, all students (regardless of employer) are responsible for ensuring that the receipt of any items in class does not violate their own organizational policies regarding "gifts" from potential contractors.
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CMMI Survival Guide