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“Bill was a very engaging and lively speaker. His presentation of CMMI was informative, particularly his down-to-earth examples.”

“Bill's personality and charisma add value to the learning environment”

"I never would have believed this 'dry' subject material could be presented as interesting and entertaining as it was - excellent instructor.”

“Bill was an excellent instructor. The course would not be the same without him.

“Great instructor! Kept things lively and interesting!”

“Excellent sense of humor!”

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"The instructor was top-notch! Very knowledgeable on subject, well-prepared, …great examples.”

"Bill Smith was thoroughly versed in the subject matter.”

“Course was excellent and the instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining.”

"Relevant examples, humor great, excellent management of time, impressive command of material and course, good voice inflections…”

“very knowledgeable on the subject…able to create a great learning atmosphere


“The instructor provided real life, relevant examples for every question asked… Excellent mix of model theory and application.”

"Bill Smith is the best instructor I have encountered in recent memory. His effective use of linking, chunking, and real-life examples made some of the more complex concepts easy to understand.”

“Bill's personal examples made the content real.”

“He brings life (reality) into the course. He draws the class into active discussions on practical applications of the process areas.”

“I valued the instructor's ability to put CMMI in perspective. It is a framework -- not the reason to come to work or the way to solve all our problems. This gives him a lot of credibility.”

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"Exceptional. Engagement techniques made the absorption of course data fun/easy. Had the ability to relate to all the demographics of the attendees. I had a great learning experience.”

“I can't believe I enjoyed this course. I now better understand what my organization is trying to achieve.

Best instructor I ever had.”

“The instructor did an outstanding job and took the time to make sure subjects were understood.”

“Bill took a very dry subject and made it understandable and enjoyable to learn.”

All quotes are taken directly from class evaluation forms for Introduction to CMMI classes taught by our SEI-Authorized CMMI Instructor.
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